If you do one thing today, protest about big businesses avoiding tax

Last week I blogged about the cuts in the UK and how they’re affecting the poorest and deepening the recession. As a ‘running mate’ to this, my anger has been stirred by the unfairness of multi-nationals in this country who aren’t paying their fair share of tax.

Stand up Starbucks, pay attention Amazon, my eye’s on you eBay, search out Google and don’t forget Facebook – you’re all guilty. Of what? Of not paying tax on the income you’ve earned from selling us stuff.

eBay has paid only £1.2m; Starbucks just £8.6m over 14 years; Amazon has paid no tax on sales of more than £7.6bn over the past three years; Facebook UK paid £238,000 in tax last year on sales of £20.4m; and Google paid just £6m in 2011 on UK turnover of £395m.

These companies use our infrastructure to support their businesses. They employ staff that have been educated here and rely on the NHS. They entice money out of us with their products.

British companies pay tax. We pay tax. They should pay tax.

If you gree, sign the 38 Degrees Crack Down on Tax Dodgers campaign. And, if you want to do more than one thing, get your MP to sign the Early Day Motion to investigate tax avoidance in the House of Commons.

It’s time to take action, not stay apathetic.