You want conviction politics, well here goes

Nationalise the utilities – electricity, gas and water – so we no longer have the ridiculous situation of foreign governments and companies making profit from our natural resources. Plus it will allow us to manage our future energy needs better.

Nationalise the railways to bring ticket prices down in line with the rest of the world. Investment and costs would be covered by removing the subsidies on the cost of aeroplane fuel.

Stop Trident and invest the billions this would free up in renewable energies to replace our dwindling North Sea gas and reduce our dependency on imported gas.

Introduce the living wage so companies would have to pay their employees enough to live off. The benefits bill would be reduced as government would no longer have to top up wages.

Train people to insulate all the homes in the UK so providing jobs and reducing demand on energy required to heat our homes.

Set up a homebuilding programme to provide enough homes for the future, low-cost ones at that, while creating jobs for the unemployed. This would also help to reduce the upward spiral in rental costs.

Introduce a rent cap to stop rental costs becoming even more unaffordable.

Bring back the 50p rate of income tax.

Introduce the Robin Hood tax on financial transactions to pay for investment outlined above.

Keep the NHS as a national, free at source, provider.

Invest in rail networks to link major cities together throughout the UK, not just London to the rest of the UK.