Why Israel is right to defend itself

1 Israel was set up after 1000s of years of persecution of Jews by Christians. They were kicked out of England by Edward 1 in 1290 and only allowed to return by Oliver Cromwell in return for finance 350 years later. The Inquisition in Spain saw many Jews forcibly converted and expelled under an edict in 1492 that was not revoked until 1968!!!. This continued into the 18/1900s and the Pogroms in Russia, which is when many Jews ended up in the UK. And, finally resulted in the Holocaust less than 70 years ago during which over 6 million Jews were killed (FYI the population of Israel is only 8 million).
2 When Israel was created its Arab neighbours immediately stated their aim to wipe the country off the face of the earth and waged one of many wars against the fledgeling state. No wonder Israel now has a sophisticated army and Iron Dome defence system.
3 Hamas is a TERRORIST organisation supported by Iran (a country that has executed the most number of its own citizens after China!) and Qatar. Its stated aims include the killing of Jews and the destruction of the Israeli state.
4 Hamas killed the three teenagers in order to start this current conflagration. The tunnels that they built were constructed using humanitarian aid supposed to be used by Hamas to build hospitals and schools for its citizens. Instead it built tunnels that open up in Israel near residential sites with the sole aim of entering Israel to kidnap and kill Israelis. Israel did not know the full extent of these tunnels until they went into Gaza in response to the over 3000 rockets this year and the murder of the three teenagers.
5 Why do you think Arab countries like to focus their citizens ire onto Israel? Could it be to deflect them from their own woes and inequalities domestically. You may consider Israel’s democracy to be flawed (just as we do the UK’s), but it is not a religious state like Iran where being gay is a crime (FYI Tel Aviv is the gay capital of the Med), a dictatorship like Syria where 700 people were killed in just two days alone in July, or a monarchy-ruled nation like many of the Arab states. The Green Party would not be allowed to exist in many of these countries, let alone march in protest at its government.
6 Unsurprisingly, given the death toll suffered by Jews over the last two millennia, all Israelis feel the death of one of its citizens due to terrorism or war as if it were one of its own family. That is why their Government is seen as strong for trying to protect them from Hamas.
7 Hamas broke the ceasefire (today, 8th August) not Israel, with tens of rockets.