A message to politicians from We The People

We are not scroungers and skivers, nor are we the hard-working strivers. Neither are we benefit loungers draining the economy or confident consumers driving the recovery.
We are merely people trying to earn a living, care for families and make the most of the hand we are dealt. We are tired of being labelled, pigeon-holed and otherwise patronised by politicians.
Stop this empty word fest between the shades of the middle ground that make up the what remains of the left and right and start solving the problems, of which there are many. Wage deflation, high energy bills, rising food costs, the extortionate cost of housing whether buying or renting, the dearth of housing, the lack of job security – be it zero hour contracts or threat of redundancy, benefit cuts that affect the weakest and poverty that sends people to food banks.
Shame on all politicians for spending more time finding the most resonant words to appeal to voters, rather than actually helping us. No wonder no one votes for you anymore. We are indeed all in this together, just without you.