Richmond Council’s air quality plan

LBRuT is consulting on its plans to tackle air pollution in the borough – you can give your response here, although the multiple choice style makes it difficult to respond meaningfully. The deadline is Monday 30 October.

This is what I put in the ‘any further comments’ box:

Introducing 20mph across the whole borough.

Introducing more cycle lanes and infastructure.

More measureable aims than outlined in the plan.

More planting of trees and shrubs to absorb air pollution.

A clear plan showing how the council aims to cut the traffic by 73% on George Street, Richmond.

Trial of car-free days.

Introducing more expensive parking charges for the most polluting vehicles.

A swift, actionable move for all fleet vehicles to be electric rater than the wooly statement that you’ve made.

Working with all retailers acoss the borough to get them to adopt a ‘close the door’ policy to stop heat escaping.

Get all taxis to switch off engines when stopped outside stations, and buses when they’re on George Street.

No chopping down of mature trees.

Remove the car parking at the Twickenham Riverside development to prioritise public space and people instead.

Introduce bicycle hire at Richmond station to destination hubs eg Ham, which has poor pubic transport connections (during peak hours).

Introduce rush-hour direct, electric mini-buses between Richmond and Ham to stop residents using cars to get to the station.

Bring in electric mini-buses between Richmond station and Richmond Park at weekends to reduce traffic to/from the park.

Support Richmond & Bushy Parks bring in car parking charges to deter people parking in car parks while they’re at work (Kingston Hospital) and to reduce traffic at weekend.

Find ways to reward people who cycle/walk/take public transport into retail centres with discounts, rather than offering free parking as incentives.

Remove the proposed underground parking for the redevelopment at Ham Close and use it for more housing instead.

Demonstrate clearly how much money the council plans to spend on improving walking/cycling in the borough.

At the moment, this plan does not meet the Mayor’s plans for healthy streets, nor does it propose any modal shifts.

Carry out a feasibility study for a walking/cycling bridge between Ham and Twickenham to improve connectivity and reduce congestion on Richmond bridge and the Petersham Road.


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