A fight for the soul of the UK

Is today the day we throw off the shackles of our imperial past and yearning for the yesteryear of our so-called glorious colonies? Will we finally turn our back on 20th century-style politics that blames the immigrant, the Jew, the Muslim, the black, the Asian, the OTHER for our problems?

I truly hope so. I want today to be the day we forge a new future, where the UK is a willing and enthusiastic member of the group of European nations who have come together to make the world better. It is impossible to isolationist. It is possible to be inclusionist. As Jo Cox said: “whilst we celebrate our diversity, the thing that surprises me time and time again as I travel around the constituency is we are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us”.

Change ‘constituency’ for ‘Europe’ or the ‘World’ and the same is true. People want peace. They need security. We want to provide shelter and food for our families and loved ones. It’s that simple.

And the best way to provide that is when we work together. Humans are social animals that need to come together in groups to achieve the best solutions for everyone. When we put our individual needs over and above anyone else’s – whether as people or nations – that’s when we come unstuck. Fighting for the common good, not each other, will achieve a country and a world that helps everyone. We should embrace our role in Europe and the EU, not reject it.

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