When is the government going to get real about flooding and climate change?

Rational and sensible solutions.

Turning Calderdale Green

The Pitt Review on flooding, commissioned by the Labour Government, was published in 2008 after the floods of 2007. It goes without saying that much of the Review has been ignored by governments of all parties since then. For instance, the recommendations against building in high risk flood areas and against putting sandbags in doorways have been widely disregarded.

Just when is the Government going to get real about flooding and Climate Change?

There is a number of things local government in Calderdale should be doing or pressing for.

  1. An immediate halt to further building on floodplains. The construction of 149 houses and commercial property down on Sterne Mills, Copley must be halted now due to the threat to human life and property downstream that it poses.
  2. Water needs to be held back in the uplands and not allowed to drain quickly into the valley bottoms. Traditional methods of natural…

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