Save our Human Rights Act

The Human Rights Act protects every one of us: young and old; wealthy
and poor; without discrimination.

Our HRA allows us to hold the State to account for spying on us; it has
safeguarded our soldiers; and supported peaceful protest.  It’s helped
rape victims; defended domestic violence sufferers; and guarded against
slavery.  It’s protected those in care; shielded press freedom; and
provided answers for grieving families.

Its protections are the most fundamental – those we should all enjoy,
because we’re human.

I do not believe the Government should be allowed to scrap our Human
Rights Act, and replace it with their “British Bill of Rights and

This would weaken the rights of everyone, meaning less protection
against powerful interests.  It would also limit human rights to only
those cases the Government considers “most serious”.

I do not trust this government to decide when our freedoms should
apply. I do not trust a government that doesn’t allow its own MPs to be
subject to recall. I do not trust a government that is destroying legal
aid and attacking Judicial Review.

Please tell Michael Gove to leave our Human Rights Act alone.

To write your own email to your MP, use the Green Party’s Save our HRA tool.

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