No Plastic Round Up

Covering the same problems I’m facing when considering how to cope with Plastic Free July.

Westwick Dreaming

You might remember that July was No Plastic July and I pledged to participate in it here.

This was a really interesting challenge. My goal were to eliminate Plastic from the following places…

1. Liquid soap

2. Toothbrush for my son

3. Crisps and savory snacks

4. Drinks in plastic bottles

5. Yoghurt

We did fairly well overall – the biggest success was making our own liquid soap and reusing the old dispensers for it.  Normally we use bars of soap but there are a couple of strangely designed sinks in this house which won’t accept them.  I will definitely be carrying on with this one.  It was better for the environment in every way (better even than buying Ecover), much cheaper and really very easy.  It also provides me with a way of using up the little pieces of soap shrapel I do collect from the bars.

I discovered…

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