I forgive Dale Vince, but not Zac Goldsmith

Some reasons why you can’t vote for Zac Goldsmith if the environment is truly your main concern.

How Basic Income could slow Climate Change

The Green Party has only itself to blame for Dale Vince’s £250K donation to the Labour Party, though Green Left bears a heavy responsibility. Ecotricity will remain my supplier.

The Green Party started, at least this was how I envisaged it, as a platform to develop a coherent set of policies to deal with the possibility that indiscriminate economic growth was beginning to threaten the ecosphere. The party soon found a more realistic, i.e. easier goal to concentrate on – local issues.

Nevertheless it did develop a range of policies related to sustainability. One of these was the Citizens’ Income, to ensure that the coming recession due to resource shortages or some form of pollution whether planned, or accidental like all the others to date, would be bearable for whole populations. The Citizens’ income is radically redistributive, but it allows a number of ideas to make sense which are oppressive…

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