Dead Bread

Brilliant. Now I know what to do with the seemingly endless crusts and breadcrumbs filling up my freezer.

My Make Do and Mend Year

I have posted couple of times about the great Live Better site from the Guardian.
Last month was all about food waste, and the challenge was to go a whole week without producing any food waste.
Now, I think we are pretty hot on food waste. I take a perverse pride in using up all our leftovers, and the only things that usually make it into our Green Johanna are the veg peelings and egg shells etc.
BUT then when I actually stopped and thought about it, the Smalls do seem to be able to generate some kind of  toast crust/half eaten roll mountain in a surprisingly short space of time, and I had just been adding this to our hot composter and feeling ok as it wasn’t going in the bin. But actually, it is still perfectly edible. It just needs a bit of Make Do and Mend magic.


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