Stopping unwanted mail

The bundle of advertising that came through my 'no leaflets' letter box

A bundle of advertising that came in my ‘no leaflets’ letter box

I didn’t mean to write another post today, but then I got incensed at the sheaf of advertising stuffed through my letter box today. So I tweeted Royal Mail. They came back straight away (very good service) and said that my ‘no leaflets’ sticker would not stop this kind of mail and I needed to contact the opt-out service.

So, I did that, via the email given on the page: An instant reply was forthcoming with a document attached for me to sign and sent back by post (for security, to confirm that all household members wanted to opt out). I have done this, but will have to do it again in two years, because that’s as long as it’s valid for – annoying.

But, then, I read on to discover that “Our Opt Out service only relates to unaddressed mail delivered by Royal Mail. [] Royal Mail delivers around 25% of unaddressed mail items in the UK. Therefore opting out of Royal Mail Door to Door deliveries will not eliminate the majority of items that you currently receive through your letterbox, as there are many other companies who deliver leaflets to whom this opt out will not apply.

To stop the other 75% of unaddressed mail, or at least some of them, I had to contact: ‘Your Choice’ Preference Scheme via

This I have duly done. I wonder where I will be pointed to next!

And, all of this, after having put a block on what I thought was unrequested post, via The Mailing Preference Service. Let’s not forget the brochure senders that I’ve unwittingly signed up to over the years that I’m still contacting when another one comes through my door to say ‘desist, stop, save some trees’, although these are much reduced now! Hopefully I will soon be able to say the same for the rest of my post.

Job almost done. Huge sigh.

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