Inequality exacerbated by the Coalition’s attack on the poor and the State.

Inspired by today’s Blog Action Day 2014 I took a blog I’d started but never finished, and put in all the links it needed. So here is my piece on how the Tories have used the recession to push their Neo-liberal agenda and increase the inequality between the wealth and the rest of us over the past five years.

No doubt next year in the run up to the General Election, the Tories will claim that it’s their policies that got us out of what’s now called the Great Depression. They haven’t. This recession fitted the normal pattern, ie six years from crash to recover. If you look at other busts in history this is the length of time they take to work through the financial system. Some recessions have been over more quickly, taking just four years, and others more slowly eg The Great Depression of the Thirties. And if you recall, back at the start of the credit crunch economists were predicting a turnaround by 2014 anyway.

So all this Con-Dem government has done is ride the normal life of a recession, but used it as an excuse to pursue their Thatcherite policies of cutting welfare to chuck money at their patrons and supporters in the City. They certainly haven’t cut the deficit which was their big election promise back in 2010, in fact it’s even larger than when they took office.

Let’s look at what’s happened over the last five years and see if anything the coalition has done has helped you.

But what really sums up this governments priorities is that Osborne, your chancellor, took the EU to court to stop the ban on bankers being paid only the equivalent of their salary in bonuses. He used taxpayers money to support the bankers, when t was the casino banks and their high-bonus culture pushing staff to taking bigger and bigger risks that put us into the credit crunch in the first place. Haven’t we, the taxpayer paid enough for their mistakes. Why do we continue to give them free rein? Why hasn’t this recession changed the balance of power and reduced inequality.  

Because recession or no, it’s business as usual for the Tories – capitalists first, and always.


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