Open up the leadership debates to all parties

Did you know the the Green Party has 3 MEPs to the LibDems and received more of the vote than them at the EU elections? No, me either. The press coverage about this – or more accurately, lack of it – is disgraceful and adds to the apathy and helplessness voters feel when presented with the voting card at election time. They assume there’s no point voting Green because no one else is likely. Just not true. In fact, the only wasted votes these days (around where I live in Richmond, Twickenham, Kingston & Surbiton) are for the Tories and the LibDems, because if you vote for either you’ll just get what you have already.

Vote the same, vote Coalition. Vote for change, vote Green.

For more reasons why the Green Party should be included in the leadership debates, read One Angry Voice’s 12 Reasons the Green Party should be included in the Leaders Debates. Read it and share.

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