Join our fight against the purveyors of unrestrained capitalism

When I was a teenager I viewed politics as something that was done by other people that had no impact on me. When Maggie Thatcher was elected, it didn’t politicise me then, but her legacy has now.

I was not one of Maggie’s children, ie those born during her reign, but like everyone in the UK, I am a product of her ethos. An ethos that says ‘state is bad’, ‘private is good’ and it’s all about self, the amount of money you can make and how much you can consume. Peter Mandelson was right when he said, ‘we are all Thatcherites now’. And certainly, the government we currently have with its public school-educated elite who rule as if it is their birthright, is continuing her ideology. Taking it even further than her, from privatising the Royal Mail to destroying the very fundamentals of the National Health Service.

But you know what, I say enough. I never asked for Maggie Thatcher and her brand of Neo Liberalism. I didn’t ask for our society to be turned into a nation of consumers.

Our fight is not with Labour. Ed Miliband may have his heart in the right place, but he’s so caught up in paying lip-service to the current status quo, that he cannot see that the time has come for action.

Our fight is not with the LibDems. They are a spent force, who will promise anything to get elected, and then once in power wriggle and writhe to mitigate their culpability.

Our fight is not with UKIP. Nigel Farage spins a good yarn, but he’s a one-trick pony, whose only use is to take votes from the Tories.

Our fight is with the Tories, and the mutual appreciation society they have with big business and global corporations that excludes, exploits and tramples all over the rest of us.

With the Green Party we will take back our society. We can reclaim our politics. We must create a new reality based on sustainability, equality and respect.

Whisper it quietly, don’t let them know we’re coming. The revolution against Neo Liberalism is gaining momentum. I will no longer live under Magaret Thatcher’s shadow.

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