The plug is pulled on Boris’s Island

I am thrilled to see that Boris’s egotistical proposal for an airport in the Thames Estuary has been sunk. But, this does not mean that Heathrow and Gatwick can be expanded in its stead. If we are to fight Global Warming, any money available for transport infrastructure should be invested in improving our railways instead, and short flights, particularly domestic ones, curtailed to free up the space required for medium and long haul journeys. Adding runways in the southeast will ensure airports outside London will have be scaled back if the UK is to meet its targets for aviation to cut its CO2 emissions to 80% of its 2005 levels by 2050.

Additionally, governments need to do more to encourage companies to create employment here at home – outside of the southeast, which is the only area expanding Heathrow or Gatwick will benefit – rather than them continually scouring the planet for the next country offering the cheapest labour to exploit. Give people in the UK jobs – and decently paid ones at that – then they won’t be reduced to purchasing bargain-basement priced goods that only end up in landfill. It’s time to employ locally, not globally if we are to stop the world overheating dangerously.

Runaway Climate Change is the biggest challenge facing the earth and we all need to do our bit. If you feel the same way, join the global day of action on Sunday 21st September organised by The Climate Coalition, by joining the march in London or an event near you. Check out their campaign page at:

I’m with them for the love of Richmond riverside which I have enjoyed since I was a teenager. The unique and picturesque stretch of the Thames from the White Cross past Richmond bridge, along the tow path to Petersham meadows, is one I want my children and all future generations to have the pleasure of. If the earth heats up too much, oceans will rise and the Thames will flood destroying this unique part of London.

Let’s save the earth, not airplanes.

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