Heathrow Consultation… Again

Heathrow seems to think this is a done deal…. let’s all do what we can to stop it becoming a reality. So do the survey, attend the events and try to halt the juggernaut. One of the questions to consider is, will a 3rd runway at Heathrow help the 1/3rd of all households in Glasgow without jobs? A fact that came from the Commonewealth Games. No it will benefit London and the SouthEast, and continue the national imbalance. It would be far better to invest in the whole of the UK to create jobs all over the nation, not just in Heathrow, where the main beneficiary would be the surrounding area, corporations and overseas trade. It’s time to refocus our priorities.


More planes Vicar? More planes Vicar? Just when you thought you wouldn’t get another opportunity to have your say on the third runway at Heathrow, another chance comes along. Well, we say ‘consultation’ but this one is being run by Heathrow so you’ll need to aim off a bit for that. In this instance you’re being invited to “help shape Heathrow’s proposals for property and noise compensation”. Do what? Well, it’s all about what happens when the third runway gets approved. Oops! Did we say ‘when’? We meant ‘if’ of course. As we know, nothing will be decided until after the 2015 election.

According the the blurb, Heathrow’s plans for a third runway must “balance the wider benefits of having a successful hub airport with the effects on our local communities”. So this consultation is not about a yes / no opinion but about how Heathrow might best compensate those who would be…

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